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playFall 2012 Playlist

"Line Of The Pyramid"

Entrez (6.23.12) Afrocop [video]
Dogwolves Warren Nelson
Can I Be That Light? Undersea Passage [buy]
Dexify (extended remix) SCREENS
Knee Inner Ear Brigade [buy]
iFeel Dirty Scientifix [buy]
No Guarantee The Grand Gamble [buy]
Crush (early) Greenhorse
Never Been To New York / I Am The Rust Sam Russell with The Harborrats [buy]
Good Night My Lil D.evolution.Aires [buy]
Netherlandia SCREENS
Better Off Birdwire [buy]
Age In Numbers D.evolution.Aires [video] [buy]
Rooftops Rob Derba

playSummer 2012 Playlist

"Sea Reflects The Sky"

Orca Dubslinger
Sailorsong Undersea Passage
Fingers On The Untouchable travist.paine
Elements Atma
Black Belt MC Dirty Scientifix
Chitown Ocean Tone (feat. Mike Perrine)
Horse In Rain Tentacle Research
Sailorsong 11.28.4 Undersea Passage
Beyond The Bog Skeeze Harmon & Mark Sickafoose
Impress Me Ocean Tone
Sunflowers Space Folk
Astronauts Atma
Power Outage Michael Spaly
Circle Vs. Square travist.paine
Pho Collins SCREENS

playSpring 2012 Playlist

"Lights Outline The Cove"

Doubts (demo) Low Budget Astronaut
I Am The Ghost Sam Russell [buy]
Rainbro Inner Ear Brigade [buy]
101 South D.evolution.Aires [buy]
Snakes Birdwire [buy]
Don't Want That Dirty Scientifix [buy]
Cool Blue Undersea Passage [video] [buy]
Recovery Michael Spaly
You-Kiah D.evolution.Aires [buy]
Desperation Dirty Scientifix [video] [buy]
Dive Bar Blues (Crossing Russell Road) Sam Russell with The Harborrats [buy]
The Landing 3.15.98 Alien Criminal Land
25 Miles To Freedom Inner Ear Brigade [buy]
Fall Guy (demo) Low Budget Astronaut
In Time Of War travist.paine

playFall 2011 Playlist

"Leaf, Umbrella, Fire, Footprints"

The Dance Undersea Passage [buy]
Dr. Delicious Space Folk
Flootlander SCREENS
Forever In A Day Birdwire [buy]
Gas Is Gone Low Budget Astronaut
Hole In My Bed Michael Spaly
Love (Leaf, Umbrella, Fire, Footprints) Low Budget Astronaut
Ocean's Baby Space Folk
Remain Greenhorse [buy]
Right Thing Wrong Stereo Sons [buy]
Space Camp Michael Spaly

Undersea Passage | The White Rabbit (Seattle, WA)

Boat 6.14.11 Undersea Passage [video]
Full Fathom Five 6.14.11 Undersea Passage
The Round Ride 6.14.11 Undersea Passage
Song For Sara Coleridge 6.14.11 Undersea Passage

playSummer 2011 Playlist

"Depths Of Commotion"

Allien Ocean Tone
Art & Culture Dirty Scientifix [buy]
Circular Data (remix) Swampdweller
Cosmic Lag Birdwire [buy]
Dec 7th 2003 Quieting Syrup [buy]
Full Fathom Five Greenhorse
Catfish Loop Alien Criminal Land
Love Thing Space Folk
Epilogue Reprise travist.paine
Pool Undersea Passage
Passing The Stone Ocean Tone
Passwords To A Fort Full Of Pills Quieting Syrup [buy]
MexiTreks 11.14.9 Ocean Tone (feat. Nate Spicer)
Midnight Radio Birdwire [buy]
Recurring Dream Undersea Passage

playSpring 2011 Playlist

"Plants Of The Sea"

Song Of The Siren Alien Criminal Land
Invited Undersea Passage
Wishful Dirty Scientifix [buy]
Andromeda SCREENS
Dragontail (remix) Swampdweller
Remind Me Michael Spaly
Swingset Space Folk
Pantomime Birdwire [buy]
Sam Clemens travist.paine
Moving Parts Skeeze Harmon / Space Folk

Atma | Jazzbones (Tacoma, WA)

Elements 12.12.9
Girl Likes To Drink 12.12.9
Bigfoot 12.12.9
Jungle One 12.12.9
Harrison Force One 12.12.9

playFall 2010 Playlist

"Tune In To Your Dreams"

Bladecatcher Stereo Sons [buy]
Channels 2008 Ocean Tone
Confluence travist.paine
Falling Space Folk
Fran Dreams Ocean Tone
Hearts Henrietta & Her Aardvark
Hello Michael Spaly
Into The Ocean Of You Undersea Passage
It's OK Ocean Tone (feat. Dodie)
Knee (early) Inner Ear Brigade
N.O.E. Ocean Tone
One Block Stereo Sons [buy]
Parachute 2.26.10 Undersea Passage
Psycho Somatica Greenhorse [buy]
Why Justin Roeser & The EN Council

playSummer 2010 Playlist

"Voice Of The Clouds"

The Cannibal Night Alien Criminal Land
Edible Flowers Undersea Passage [video]
Golden travist.paine
Just Barely Above Water Ocean Tone
The New You Greenhorse (feat. Carlos Tulloss)
Out Of The Trench Ocean Tone
The Round Ride 11.14.9 Undersea Passage
Things Ain't What They Seem Ocean Tone (feat. Dodie)
Rescue Justin Roeser & The EN Council [video]
Sunshine Michael Spaly
What's Happening? Warren Nelson / Space Folk
Thanks Giving Space Folk
Wedding Song Birdwire [buy]
Song For Sara Coleridge Nu Nu Headbands
Just Barely Above Water Space Folk

playSpring 2010 Playlist

"House Of Discarded Arts"

Hot Nights Greenhorse [buy]
Juniper One Ocean Tone
Transmissions Undersea Passage
New Release travist.paine
Just Fine Michael Spaly
If Heaven Only Knew Skeeze Harmon / Space Folk
Baby Wants To Play Inner Ear Brigade
Witness (Owl N' Thistle) 2003 Atma
Sailorsong 2004 Undersea Passage
Super Sharp Shooter Atma
Where The Love Goes Alien Criminal Land
Zoom! Ocean Tone

Undersea Passage | ToST (Seattle, WA)

He Was A Friend Of Mine 8.30.5 Undersea Passage [traditional]
Mossburg 500 8.30.5 Undersea Passage
Never Been To New York 8.30.5 Undersea Passage

playFall 2009 Playlist

"Seaside Carnivalism"

Feeling The Sound Space Folk
No Directions Undersea Passage
The Music Lesson Ocean Tone
Reno Undersea Passage
Bigfoot 12.5.3 Atma
Last Riders ACL
Hydrogen Oxygen travist.paine
Au Bickle Michael Spaly
Alien Action Whacker The Vig
Spy Song Dirty Scientifix
Dragontail Swampdweller

Undersea Passage | Mr. Spots Chai House (Seattle, WA)

Boat 11.13.9 Undersea Passage
Nerdy Shirts 11.13.9 Undersea Passage / travist.paine
Song For Sara Coleridge 11.13.9 Undersea Passage
Tommy 11.13.9 Undersea Passage

playSummer 2009 Playlist

"Book Of Dreams"

Atoms Adam Huntress / Space Folk
Sequential Step Skipstar
Clean Dirty Scientifix
Dirty Thirty Nu Nu Headbands
Be So Blue Undersea Passage
Trace The Chase 6.21.3 Atma
San Inner Ear Brigade
Catfish Loop 8.31.97 ACL
Take It All The Changes travist.paine
Buried Greenhorse [buy]
Stay Up Put Down Ocean Tone
This Is Not A Test Space Folk
Alien Action Whacker ACL
Immanuel's Labour 9.9.1 Atma
Storm Door Undersea Passage

playSpring 2009 Playlist

"Woke Up In The Sea"

Alexandra's Back Undersea Passage
Go Easy Michael Spaly
Canyons travist.paine
Tsunami Undersea Passage
I Want You To Be Her Greenhorse
Future Cities Atma
Art Bar 7.29.6 Dan Heck Trio
The Future Undersea Passage
Where The Mic Is Dirty Scientifix
Biscuits The Vig
Wet Town Michael Spaly
Mother's Ilk travist.paine
Our Secret Place Space Folk
1986 Atma
River Bed Undersea Passage

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