Ocean Tone

Alien Criminal Land (ACL)

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Recorded at Emerald Calyx Studios

Catfish Loop
The Cannibal Night
Tour De Tempura
Your Machine
Song Of The Siren
The Feast
Last Riders

OK Hotel in Seattle, 1998

The Landing (live)
Programmed (live)
Vanished (live)
One Once More (live)

Acoustic, 'The Ides of March' 1998

Where The Love Goes (acoustic)
Windstream (acoustic)
Cold In Chicago (acoustic)
The Landing (acoustic)

Dexter Lake Shake & Bake, 1997

Catfish Loop (live)

painting by Raymond Raymond

painting by Raymond Raymond

After "many years of searching far and wide for signs of life... the fleet descends the cloudline." On the voyage: Warren Nelson and Skeeze Harmon share guitars and voices, Doug Port and Mark Sickafoose interact on drums, Carlos Tulloss centers on bass and David Delmar writes the parables. Featured vocalists include Bernadette Ayers and AnonIMust.