dragonfly... a fire above the water

down upon the blue below he leaves only a shadow

the winds converge upon the waves

the river waits to be touched by the sun

this is only one branch of the stream

there’s a common current underlying everything

we will come back... yes, we will return

from the other sids... different forms, lessons learned

it will reach us speaking different words to a waking child

searching for a way to learn

there is mystery hidden in the lives of languages

poetry... unspoken verse

love majestic ringing out the chimes of a melody

echoing an ancient song

like a phoenix rising from the ash of catastrophe

ocean maiden... talking to her daughter

welcoming the body of a spirit turning over

taking turns in tending to the fire

speaking of the ageless embers of desire

the mother beheld as uncertainty awoke

with a comforting assuredness she spoke

and she said... “this is only one branch of the stream...”

Words by David Delmar & Warren Nelson. ©1997

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