Dreams Returned

dreams returned...

like wild birds from a season’s migration

flying faster as their habitat was calling from the shoreline

in formation like the stars among a moving constellation

turning circles round their flockmates and in unison rejoicing

dreams returned...

as a tribe of gathering tradition

telling stories of their struggle’s ancient folklore in the making

sharing fruit of their survival with the hunger of their children

while the prayers they planted blossomed

like the forest that they lived in

dreams returned...

like old songs adopted by new spirits

striking melodies now colored by the voices that became them

giving words a deeper resonance with every mind that read them

dancing up and down the necks

of agile instruments who played them

dreams returned...

as a lover three lifetimes departed

strands of wisdom woven through her hair in strokes of garnet

Words by David Delmar. ©2001

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