Fingers On The Untouchable

everyone wants someone to dream on

the perfect longing

bent a crease that won't straighten

you ask for a match

to burn all intentions

chipped, charred, and ashed

the beast feasts on the fury

a fine furnace for memories

with a fragile sack attached

these temporal masks

lips, heart, and ass

chipped, charred, and cashed

dream of capes, napes, sex, necks, crooked nooks, and cooks

the fast-track fight

willy-nilly's nap-sack hook gives a goodnight look to mister uptight

alright, nighty-night

well, I got a hidden box and a spot you can't reach

and you got a hidden box and a spot I can't reach

gave it lots of thought and found what you think you can't speak

hear an awful lot of talk but it seems like there's little to teach

just a secret and an itch

inch by inch

a comfort and the lynch

pinch or get pinched

the racket and the snitch

a flinch and the fist

the common niche

eclipsed by a wish

a secret and the itch

Words by travist.paine. 2004

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