Forever And A Day

forever and a day

i wait for my moment to define me

but forever and a day

was just another moment to pass on by

i only hope my love will one day find an anchor

but sometimes believing in believers is just hard to believe

forever and a day

i ask for forgiveness

and somewhere along the way it makes up for fears

yesterdays come... begging for reception

and tomorrow’s heart is not to hear the tale

forever and a day

i wish i was sleeping

it feels to early to rise and wake

holding hands with sharp-sworded masters

they show me trails lined with honey and blood

now, glory came today

mixing his tears with her laughter

forever and a day i pray it shall stay

the is orchestra in the unreconciled waters

there is symphony in how we bathe

somewhere in the facets of our framework

the teaching has already been learned

somewhere in the corners of our constructs

we’ve been crystallized in faith

in loving memory of all that’s to come...

Words by travist.paine. ©1999

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