Lay Down

lay down, lay down your

whispering mind, your

troubles will speak when there is time

just about when dawn drowns

the quiet peace, it

knows no hours,


also, love

come slightly awake

before the quietude

sleeps earthquake

do no steal

the name of snow;

pick your memories

slow, slow

the day erect stands

whitened aglow;

no-light storms through the doors and windows

secret silence dreams unwind

counting backward

the wheels aligned

speak the thought

in tears you'll find

slumber, sorrows,

a bottle of wine

come one, come one

come one more to me

we said goodnight

to the fever dream

the pinkened sky

no, never bleeds

no minutes pressing

themselves into being

stumble stumble stumble


the drowzy tree

conceals the wing;

passenger pigeon flies

home again

come one come one

come one more to me

you, sweet island,

and i, the sea

lay down lay down

the shouting inside

awaken now

all tears have dried

lay down lay down, come to me

lay down lay down, and come

Words by Allegra Chabay. 2005

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