Low And Inside

gonna bring it down now... low and inside

let out the skeletons wherever they hide

find an old box for these words that wonít rhyme

and let go of these antique illusions which clutter our minds

gonna curl us up... till we feel the fire

circle our love songs spinning out wide

make a new instrument out of the light

and sing out to the rocks who lie waiting to echo the tide

gonna bring it in close... from where it derives

purge all these regrets... i know where they hide

pull up the stakes of this tent when itís dry

and move to a place where we canít calculate distance in miles

gonna draw it in near... see through our eyes

colour a moon rainbow into the night

rely on these wings thusfar yet to take flight

and wave back to the tears we abandoned at the divide

gonna breathe it in deep... where heartbeats collide

stand on our hands so blood flows through our minds

and our hearts will be fluid great rivers of life

and our worries not even be memories when they subside

gonna hold her high up... where she can be seen

watch her unravel into everything

harvest the hopes now grown up to be dreams

and sit still enough to feel the current of underground streams

Words by David Delmar & Vesper Gers. ©2001

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