down where memory lives

among the twisted trees,stories of the leaves

teaching me, leaves me at my knees

o the wonder in the soil

o the eagle and the sea

we walked while oceans ceased singing

wandered the nautilus' coil

and i have loved you in the twilight

among the stars so wild and free

and there are reasons for believing

the stone, the wind, and me

o the wonder of the sunshine

that eats away the night;

i saw my heart in your reflection:

your love made me mine

fast-moving shadows along the shoreline

the sun descends with ease

and there are reasons for beliving

your soul, the rain, the breeze

out in the water there lives a moonbeam

long captured by the sea;

a fluid life among the starfish,

a free captivity

i have loved you in your harbor

upon the dock for days

i could have lingered with you longer, but

when you sailed out i stayed

the ragged coastline hugged my body

this is love the water said

and i remember and i remember and i remember more

all our names pressed close together

silhouettesd against the shore

all time passes through us together

our lips part and release

letting gog is in the seasons

forgo the taming of the beast

there are reasons for believing

your heart is safe with me

and out among the tangled branches

a joy invades the leaves

Words by Allegra Chabay. 2001

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