Nerdy Shirts

everybody move a little closer together

learn to be better lovers

remainders are leftovers

they're reminders of our covers

through our friends and lovers

we can face our nakedness

no wickedness can regress the progress of a sweet caress

hold me close until my best part shows

one part communion

one part circus sideshow

hold me close till my best parts show

topless exhibition topples inhibitions

there's flesh in the glass

lips are pullin' what you're missin'

out a bottle conditioned to ask

but not listen

when you say

"hold me close"

now, you might be surprised

when you find that part of me

that's been hiding out

behind these nerdy shirts

and i might be surprised

when i find that part of you;

you've been hiding, you've been used, you've been hurt

put those parts together

we can still sit and watch the weather

and go ooh ooh aah aah mmm mmm as it goes

hold me close till the best parts show

sometimes when i'm driving

I see the sun reflecting

off some water beside the road

I'm reminded of the power of your eyes when they glitter

like the very last two pieces of gold

hold me close until the best part shows

Words by travist.paine. 2001

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