Our Secret Place

when i was there, i saw every movement

i kept track of passing time

i kept taking chances... handled

gambled... lost control in time

i lost control space of my mind

well, if i fell i dropped thought of climbing

iíll see the one i am looking for

in time alive or slowly diving

dead into the wash... afraid to soar

keep this our secret space out in time

keep this our secret place out of mind

i once had a hope my fears have swallowed

wrought out in a sheet long-frayed

too soar to keep the bed

a head of dreams that followed

me into the deep... down... wanting more

fall upon the rocks and fade the shore

everything that you said would happen

all you wanted has come true

at will, i walk these places haunted

with the thought... the thought of you

keep this our secret space out of mind

keep this our secret place out in time

Words by David Delmar. ©1995

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