we’ve not seen land for ninety days

who thought it would come out this way?

buckets out to catch the rain for fear we’ll dehydrate

the sailors gathered on the bow

to assess the situation once more

the captain looking nervous from the scurvy in his veins

a fishnet and an old harpoon

which haven’t fed since early june

a hundred million specimens of underwater life

and songs to keep us warm at night

songs to see us through our lives

songs that we will carry to the other side

every single night we wonder... do we go back or go farther?

every single night we wonder... oh... oh... oh

through telescope... the lookout saw

the same horizon as before

no longer knowing ocean from the water in his eyes

one sailor... heavy in his doubts

asked another to find out

if sky mirrors the sea or if the sea reflects the sky

Words by David Delmar. ©1999

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