The Landing

complication... the nonsense inflation

this separation musn’t keep us from landing

i had a dream... the fleet descended the cloudline

lightning tangled earth to sky

and i swear i heard their screams

as the rain fell down on all tribes of people

in its dreaded, systematic manner... heartless atrocity

watch out for those twisted creatures

running circles around that life that you call your own

conversation... blind regulation

holding together... surprised to be standing

the correlation... the fiend despises recognition

the gaps conceal the secrets

makes me surprised to be standing on his ground

tame my eyes on haunting pictures

bitter curtains surround us... lights outline the cove

contemplation... blind navigation

a prayer for guidance... through our dark exploration

on the ground... it’s the space we’re confined to

underground... the layers, they remind you

all around... we’ve got tunnels to wind through

turn around and great who’s behind you

airship requests... guidance bring me down

ain’t no use in floating around up here on my own

Words by Warren Nelson, Carlos Tulloss & David Delmar. ©1996

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