The Slipping Sky

disarray will leave us broken

like shadows in the wind

tragedy escapes unspoken

something showing and something hid

given rolls in this world to play

still awake... our fate is seen

so sweet and swift to fade

through the portholes of the slipping sky

a creep and a stir

and the angels alert

a pyramid aware of all sides

the heel of ageless wind...

our spacecraft returned

on its way back from earth

empty playgrounds absorbing our light

to feel afraid again...

of the lands that we conquered

i had only just heard

generations of orbiting life

too real to hold within...

contagious at birth

speaking out what was heard

when humans walked long dotted lines

believe... have faith my friend...

beneath the slipping sky...

Words by David Delmar, Skeeze Harmon & Warren Nelson. 1996

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