You Bend The Sun

when the sun comes round the bend

i see your face surface again

the smallest flower reaching towards the sun

the pavement and green grass play games just for fun

as you come round the bend

had four whiskeys and three beers

played hopscotch and four square

'till the youngsters lost their fears and peels

feel it placed like it's been here for years

the sun coming round the bend

a two-headed referee interprets what's foul and fair

crossroads and calluses cover the finger's fumble

tumbleweeds and dust storms hover in thick air

as the courtyard and castle crumbles to rubble

when you come round again

she's a drinker, she's a liar

she burns a fire deep down inside her

it's good to see you my friend

free was the label she gave to herself

and free was the alibi she chose

the pollen was falling and caught in her kerchief

was the will of the flower to grow

each time the sun finds some light to lend

so good to see you again my friend

Words by travist.paine. 2001

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