Your Shore

you looked in the mirror

and you seemed so shattered

i stood right behind you

and asked, whats the matter? you look sad

you said, ive been sadder...

and what does it matter?

dont you have somewhere to go?

but i never knocked on your door

i just washed up on your shore

you walked toward your dresser

to find something special

but nothing quite felt right

nothing seemed natural to wear

then out of confusion

you put on some music

to take your mind off of the roar

and id never heard it before

i just washed up on your shore

you swayed in a circle

possessed by an angel

stepping like light

through the panes of a window

and soon we were dancing

and maybe forever

i dont keep time anymore

im not sure what it was for

i just washed up on your shore

Words by David Delmar. 2001

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