Ocean Tone


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Some Light To Lend...

Bread Of Man [lyrics]
Canyons [lyrics]
Carnival Creatures: Centipedes and Snails [lyrics]
Circle Vs. Square [lyrics]
Dirt Of Society (with James Sinclair) [lyrics]
Disappearing Rooms (with Ryan Cannella) [lyrics]
Edge Of The World (with Lorin Santaloci Pankin) [lyrics]
Envoy (with Allegra Chabay)
Epilogue Reprise
Fingers On The Untouchable [lyrics]
Forever And A Day [lyrics]
Hydrogen Oxygen [lyrics]
In Time Of War
Mother's Ilk [lyrics]
Nerdy Shirts (with Constance Leab & Doug Port) [lyrics]
New Release [lyrics]
Open For Suggestion (with Vesper Gers) [lyrics]
Paper Canoes [lyrics]
Red Time (with Allegra Chabay) [lyrics]
Sam Clemens
Take It All The Changes (with John Bennett)
T.W.I.G. [lyrics]
Waving From Planes [lyrics]
You Bend The Sun [lyrics]

Tentacle Research

Horse In Rain (with Doug Port & James Sinclair)
Symphony For A Fragile Zoo

Live with Undersea Passage

David Delmar, Paul Fischer, Brett Joseph, Allison Noel, Doug Port, travist.paine & Carlos Tulloss
Canyons 11.13.9 [lyrics]
Nerdy Shirts 11.13.9 [lyrics]

painting by Travis Turnsen